Curbing The One Eyed Monster

Curbing The One-Eyed Monster-Four levels               Television                 

   Author-Fiona C.Jenkins

Literal Comprehension:

Television stations are owned by very rich people. They do not tell us the truth. Their main purpose is to handover us to advertisers as long as possible. Ordinary people are tired of protesting against them. The easiest way to make our home TV free or to put our TV set on the curb. We may missed very useful programs and become outsiders. But we can use the spare time to do something really valuable. We can live a real life. We can make our self familiar with the highest quality in art, music and literature. But TV present us the lower quality of all these and reality in fragments and thus misguides us. We don’t know what reality is? We do what the advertiser or rich people want us to do. We fill their pockets with our money. So, the effective way to save us is to boycott TV otherwise we will be getting misinformation. We have been compelled to feel that our natural life is worse and therefore we being to live artificially.


This assay tell us that rich people and bigness man have made us puppets. They will use us the way they like. They will use us for their own advantages by misguiding us. They will never give us anything of the best quality. Therefore we have to protect ourselves from their exploitation (misuse).

Critical Thinking:

Although the writer has presented some of the advantage of TV, he has emphasized its bad aspects. He has made us escapists. Instead of fighting against the rich people, he wants us to stop watching TV. If we do so we will missed many good programs. If every one throws their TV sets where shall we go to watch the historical events? Can’t we make a choice and watch only good programs?


This assay has help me to understand many of the things which I did not understand before. Now I have understood how easily people imitate mannerism and why people watch TV. They don’t like to be outsiders. I also know why people use the things advertise on TV. They want to be number one.
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