Literal Comprehension:

The Yanomamo is one of the most aggressive , war loving and male oriented societies in the world.The body of adult males or females are covered with the wounds and scars.Wives have to obey their husbands without any question.In the chest pounding duels, the guest hit on the chest of the host with fist as hard as he can.But later the host also hits the guest back on the chest.The more one receives, the more one can hit back.In the side slapping duel, the opponent hits with the open hands just bellow the ribs.In the club fight, the competitor sticks on the head with a pole.The spear fight is the most dangerous.The fight against the relatives and enemies is quite common.The alliance of the Yanomamo depends on the military power. They pass most of time by fighting.


This essay  clearly expresses the lifestyle of the Yanomamo people.It shows that their life is full of struggle. In order to survive they have to keep on fighting.This passage shows the relation between male and female in the male dominated society. The American Indian tribesman also known as Yanomamo believes on the male supremacy. Through this passage the writer presents the views of two different male and female writers who commonly consider the complete violation of women in the fierce group of people. The beatings and sufferings from men are considered as the sing of love for women. The character and body image of the writer shows the complete differentiation from the normal groups of people.


  • He has quoted chignon, a male researcher, whose attitude may be a bit biased to women and he has also quoted the views of Judith Sapiro, a female researcher. Thus the writer has tried to give a balance view in this essay.
  • However some question arise:
  • Do such societies still exist on the face of the earth?
  • Why don’t human right activists intervene in such societies?
  • Do women really expect atrocities from their husbands there?


 By reading this assay I have come to know many things about male oriented society. In such societies, women and girls are always abused.I become sad when I imagine the life of the Yanomamo people, especially women who always face violence.

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