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BBA BBA-BI Financial Accounting Financial Accounting I FIRST SEMESTER Second Semester

Cash flow statement  

Particulars Amount Amount
A)Cash from Operating Activities    
1)Cash from sales and receivables    
Sales 89000  
Increase in A/R (3600) 85400
2)Cash paid to suppliers    
Cost of goods sold (57000)  
Increase in inventory (4900)  
Increase in accounts payable 3200 (58700)
3)Cash paid to employees and others    
Advertising expenses (3200)  
Salaries expenses (12000)  
Increase in prepaid advertisement (1400)  
Decrease in salaries payable (2400) (19000)
4)Payment of interest    
5)Payment of tax    
Tax expenses (2600)  
Increase in tax payable 500 (2100)
Net  cash from operating activities   5600
B)Cash from Investing Activities    
Purchase of land (70000)  
sale of land 27500  
Purchase of equipment (60000)  
Net cash from investing activities   (102500)
C)Cash from Financing Activities    
Issue of Capital stock 100000  
Dividend paid (600)  
Net cash from financing Activities   99400
Net change in cash   2500
Add: Opening cash balance   9500
Ending Cash balance   12000
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