Month: September 2015

Demand ,Determinants of Demand Demand: The quantity of goods and services that consumer are willing and able to purchase in the market at various prices during a period of time is called demand. Determinants of Demand(Factors affecting demand): The various factors that affects demand of a commmodity are as follows: a. Price of a commodity: […]
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury Four levels for-BBA,BBA-BI,BBA-TT,BCIS Literal Comprehension: ‘King John and the Abbot of Canterbury’ is a poetic story(poem that tells story) written by unknown writer before 1695 so it is called Anonymous poem.The two central characters and they are King John and the Abbot of Canterbury.The king is infamous for his […]
Nicolas Gregory Mankiw’s Ten Principles of Economics:   Nicolas Gregory Mankiw is an macroeconomist and Professor of economics at Harvard University.Mankiw proposed 10 principles of economics which is unified by several central ideas.These 10 principles of economics offer an overview about what economics is all about. How people make decisions 1.People face trade off: To get […]
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