Career in Finance | Finance


Career in Finance | Finance

Finance refers to the activities involved in acquisition,management,allocation ,and effective utilization  of the fund.In other words,the process,practices and problems related to the financial aspect of the business organization is the subject matter of finance.Finance literally means money or wealth.It is such a vital component without which a business cannot operate smoothly.Hence it is often called life blood of business system.As human being cannot live without blood,the existance and the survival of a business without sufficient finance is unimaginative.So,it is regarded as the key element for any kind of business whether it is financial or non-financial,public or private ,large or small, profit seeking or not-for-profit.The basic areas of finance are Financial Institutions and Market,Investments and Financial Management.

A career in finance is not about money but it is close to it. The finance industry is multifaceted ,offering a variety of position catering to a number of skills and interest.

  • Commercial Banking:

Commercial banks from large entities to local institution offer a range of financial institution and services from checking and saving, etc. Career option available in this sector include bank teller, loan officer, operation and branch manager.

  • Investment Banking:

Some of the most glamorous and intense financial careers are job in investment banking. It deals with facilitating the insurance of corporate securities and making these security available for investor to purchase to both corporate and wealthy  investor.

  • Hedge funds:

Hedge funds are largely unregulated private investment fund whose manager can buy or sell a wide array of assets and financial product. Hedge fund job includes Financial analyst , Trader, Regulatory compliance officer, Quantitative analyst.

  • Financial Planner :

Financial planner help individual to develop plan that will insure their present and future financial stability. They review clients financial goal and generate an appropriate plan for saving and investing that fits the clients’ individual needs.

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