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Internet,Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet,Services Provided by internet Internet: Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.   Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet: Advantages:  1) Information on almost every subject imaginable. 2) Powerful search engines 3) Ability to do research from […]
ASTYAGES REVENGE Author:Herodotus LITERAL COMPREHESION: Astyages, the king of medes saw in his dream  that his daughter’s urine flooded the whole Asia. Then she was married to a Persian. Again the king in his dream saw that out of his daughter’s private part, t grew a vine covering all Asia. After consulting the dream interpreter, […]
Great Scott! Gadzooks!-Four Levels                                                Author-Roald Dahl                                                      […]
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