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Sensation  ■ What is the primary function of our sensory receptors? Sensory receptors transduce raw physical energy into neural impulses, which are then interpreted by our central nervous system. ■ What does the term absolute threshold refer to, and why is signal detection theory important? The absolute threshold is the smallest magnitude of a stimulus […]

Motivation Cycle |Psychology

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On December 18, 2015
Motivation Cycle | Understanding the Process of Goal Directed Behavior The psychology of motivation is concerned with the ‘why’ of behaviour. Questions such as: why do we eat, drink, and make love? Why do we strive to get ahead? Why do we try new things?” can be answered through the study of motivation. Motivation is […]
Auditory Sensation: Auditory sensation is one of the important sensation for human beings as it provides us the pleasure of enjoying sound. The physical stimulus for auditory sensation is sound waves.Auditory sensation is the experience of sound on ear. Ear is the receptor of auditory sensation .Frequency and intensity of sound determines the nature of […]
Perception,Process of perception Perception : Perception is the activity of sensing,interpreting,and evaluating objects both physical and social.Perception is the set of unconscious processes we undergo to make sense of the stimuli and sensations we encounter.Oerception is the process of organizing and attempting to understand the sensory stimulation we receive ,select organize and interpret our sensations.Our […]
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