Category: Principles of Management

Forces Affecting Organization-Environment relationships The major forces that affect Organization-Environment relationships are as follows:     Economic Environment : The economic  environment of business is largely determined by the economic system of the country .A number of economic factors such as economic planning and control,national income ,industrial policies,monetary and fiscal policies,investments,savings,inflation,and international economic activities reflect […]
Introduction to Management,Characteristics,Process,Principles,Manangerial levels,Manangerial skills, Managerial roles,Emerging management issues and challenges. Definition of Management and its functions Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. Management has the following 3 characteristics: It is a process or series of continuing and related activities. It involves and […]

Management Theories ,Evolution of management thoughts,Contemporary perspective of management Evolution of Management Thoughts: Management is studied in business academics since earlier times and it is

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