Major Corporate Social Responsibility Organizations have great responsibility for the welfare of the society and the environmental protection. The major corporate social responsibility are as follows: Responsibility towards Shareholders: Shareholders invest capital in the business and bear risks .They want return of their investment from the business.So,they have interest in the development and prosperity of […]
Accounting Equation,Financial Accounting I,BBA first semester,BBA-BI second semester Accounting Equation: The accounting equation displays that all assets are either financed by borrowing money or paying with the money of the company’s shareholders. Thus, the accounting equation is: Assets = Liabilities +Shareholder Equity. The balance sheet is a complex display of this equation, showing that the […]
Leadership,  Characteristics,  functions,  Traits/Qualities of Good Leaderdhip,  Styles of Leadership, Approaches to leadership(Trait Approaches to leadership,Behavioral Approaches to leadership, The Ohio State Studies, The Managerial Grid, Situational Approaches to leadership ,Fiedler Model. Leadership: Leadership is the ability to influence the behavior and performance of an individual or group of individuals towards the achievement of common […]
Bank Reconciliation Statement questions,Financial Accounting I Question 1: a)The balance on the March 31,2010 ,bank statement is rs. 6506.10. b)Not included on the bank statement is a rs.423 deposit made by Karen’s late on March 31. c)A comparison between the cancelled checks listed on the bank statement and the company records indicated that the following […]
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