Bank Reconciliation Statement,Financial Accounting I Bank reconciliation statement: Questions: 1) The balance on the May 31,2010 ,bank statement is Rs. 8432.11. 2)Not included on the bank statement is Rs. 1250 deposit made by Calico Corners late on May 31. 3)A comparison between the canceled checks returned with bank statement and the company records indicated that […]
Management Theories ,Evolution of management thoughts,Contemporary perspective of management Evolution of Management Thoughts: Management is studied in business academics since earlier times and it is considered as an integral part to understand business operations. People have been changing and redesigning organizations for centuries. Though the 20th century is noticeable in history as an ‘Era of […]
Levels of Management,Managerial levels,Managerial Hierarchy: Many managers work in an organisation. However, these managers do not work at the same level. They work and operate at different positions. Hierarchy of these managerial positions is called Levels of Management. 1)Top Level of Management The Top Level Management consists of the Board of Directors (BOD) and the […]
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