Visual Sensation: Visual sensation is the most important sensation for human beings as it supplies them with the greatest amount of information about the external world. The physical stimulus for visual sensation is light. Eye is the receptor of visual sensation .Visual sensation is the experience of light in the eye. Through eyes it is […]

Microeconomics- Business Decision making a)Explain the role of microeconomics in business decision making. Ans) The role of microeconomics in business decision making can be explained as under: 1) Opt

Very short questions of Elasticity Define elasticity of demand. Ans) The elasticity of demand is the measure of responsiveness of demand for a commodity to the change in any of its determinants like price of the same commodity,price of the related commodity,income of the consumer,etc. What are the types of elasticity of demand? Ans)There are […]
Adventures In English Vol II ,Four levels Unit One: The Environment How Sane Are We? Don’t Cut Down the Trees Brother Woodcutter Unit Two: Natural Science To Know a Fly Unit Three: Humor and Satire King John and the Abbot of Canterbury Third Thoughts Who was to Blame? The Clock Tower
Perception,Process of perception Perception : Perception is the activity of sensing,interpreting,and evaluating objects both physical and social.Perception is the set of unconscious processes we undergo to make sense of the stimuli and sensations we encounter.Oerception is the process of organizing and attempting to understand the sensory stimulation we receive ,select organize and interpret our sensations.Our […]
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