Rights of principal

January 27, 2019 smriti 0

¬†There are following rights of the principal against his agent: – Right to revoke agent: – In case, where the agent commits fraud or uses […]

Duties of agent

January 27, 2019 smriti 0

The agent performs work on behalf of principal. Therefore, an agent has the following duties towards the principal. NCA, 2056 in Section 59 has made […]

Mode of creating Agency

January 27, 2019 smriti 0

There are several modes for creating agency or agency can be created in any one of the following ways. Agency my express agreement:- Normally agency […]

Characteristics/Traits of HRM

July 5, 2018 smriti 0

The Characteristics/traits of HRM are as follows: 1.Human cognizance: HRM is worried with the human beings in an company. It focuses on individuals possessing power […]