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                                                     IF NOT HIGHER



Author: I.L Peretz


Literal Comprehension:

Early every Friday morning, at the time of penitential prayer, the Rabbi of Nemirov discappered. He wasn’t found at home too. People thought, he went to the heaven at that time. But a Litvak didn’t believe it. He decided to find the truth. He secretly went to the Rabbi’s room and watched every activity of the Rabbi during the night before fore Friday. In the next morning, the Rabbi left the home as a peasent aut of the city. Litvak secretly follow him. In the forest, he chopech a tree and made a bundle of sticks. He come back to the city with the bundle of sticks and sold it to a sick Jewish woman on credit. He also helped to brun the fire. while burning fire, he recited different portions and penitential prayers. Litvak was impressed by the Rabbi’s action and become his disciple.
This story might be telling us that the heaven is there where one finds pleasure of helping poor, sick and old person. The true spirit of religion is to help others. It isn’t only limited to going to Temples and Churches and worship or pray Gods and Goddesses. One can please God by helping the helpless ones.
Critical Thinking: 
This religious story raises some doubts in my mind. In the story, it is said that a religious leader goes to help a sick and old woman at the time of prayer
  • Is it possible for a mortal to go to heaven when he is alive?
  •  Can we really find such person in this materialistic world?
  • It also talks about the heaven high in the sky. Is there really heaven?
  • Next, It says one can get heavenly pleasure by serving others or by sacrificing one’s pleasures. For other can we really apply it in our lives?
  • Do modern peope believe in existence of god and heaven?
  • How can he follow the Rabbi everywhere without being unnoticed?He even hide under Rabbi’s bed whole night?
This story has impressed me a lot and has also taught a good lesson. Before reading this story, I used to think only about the heaven where one can go after his/her death. But now, I know that the heaven is also here in Earth. I have a great desire now to the serve the humanity and reach the heaven like Rabbi.
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