Phaedo| Four Levels| Adventures In English Vol I

Author: Plato


Literal Comprehension:

Phaedo is written by Plato. When Socrates was executed, Phaedo was with him. Pahedo describes the details about Socrates death. He says that Socrates was very wise and brave. He perfected to die speaking the truth of live telling a lie. He was accused of misleading the youth and causing them to hold free opinions. So, he was arrested by authority. But he wasn’t executed immediately since the sacred mission to Delos hadn’t been completed yet. So the execution was delayed until the arrival of the ship of Athens. When the ship came, the day of execution was fixed. One the of execution, many students his friends and relatives came to meet him into prison. That day had also been passed in the usual Philosophical discussion for a long time. After that he went into another room. After taking bath he looked fresh. Then the prison officer came with a bowl of poison and said that Socrates had to drink it. Making the tears in his eyes, he went away. He was offered poison. Even though, he didn’t changes his facial expression. Rather he command his student not to lose their hearts. Then he drank it calmly. He walked for some time. His friend started to weep and he scolded them. Finally he by down. At the end, he wished that a cock should be offered to healing god, Aselepius. In this way the bravest wisest and most upright man died.
The story is trying to say us about the importance of life and death. In our death is inevitable. Everyone should die sooner or later. So, we should accept death for the sake of truth, justice and prosperity. Death for righteousness never becomes worthless. As in the story Socrates accepts the death calmly for the sake of righteousness. He thinks that dying bravely is more satisfactory than living cowardly. So, he accepts death for the sake of truth and humanity.
Critical Thinking :
Though the story talks about death for the truth and humanity but there are many ideas which are unacceptable. In this modern age, do we believe in existence of soul and life after death? Do the modern people follow such principles of Socrates? Was Athenian government to cruel that man couldn’t have the right to express the thoughts? 

After reading this lesson I learnt a great moral lesson about the truth and justice. I must be bold to speak the truth. If anything is wrong. Moreover, I was coward and afraid of death. But after reading this story, I have decided to die bravely for the sake of humanity. So, I will always hold truth, Justice and righteousness.

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