Monogamy | Advantages Of Monogamy | Sociology

monogamy Monogamy | Advantages Of Monogamy | Sociology

Monogamy is a form of marriage in which one man marries one woman.It is the most widespresd and civilized form of marriage. Aristotle has recommended only monogamous marriage.

A believer of monogamy essentially expects his/her partner to love with him/her and cooperate with him/her to make a life.He/she also expects to be the only one that his/her partner has kids with.This in turn implies that the partner should not be sexually involved with anyone outside the relationship.

Advantages of monogamy

1)Universally Practicable:

Monogamy gives one –to-one ratio so can provide marietal opportunity and satisfaction to all individuals.This form of marriage is universally practicable in different countries.

2)Economically better suited:

No man having ordinary income can think of practicing polyandry as he has very low income .So, monogamy can adjust itself with poverty.

For e.g: Even though Koran permits a Muslim to have four wives at a time but no ordinary Muslim can think of marrying four wives.

3)Promotes better Understanding between husband and Wife:

Monogamy produces highest type of love and satisfaction between husband and wife. It contributes to family peace ,solidarity and happiness.

For e.g.Vatsayana an authority on “Kama Sutra” remarked , “At best a man can only please one women physically , mentally and spiritually .Therefore ,a man who enters into marriage relations with more than one women, voluntarily courts unhappiness and misery”.

4)Contributes to Stable family and sex life:

Monogamy is more stable and long-lasting and is free from conflicts that are commonly found in polyandrous and polygynous families. It does not give opportunity for having extra-marietal sex relationships because sex relations are more strictly prohibited.

5)Helps to better Socialisation:

Since, husband and wives have better understanding , they can give greater attention to the socialisation of their children. Children are well looked after and the parents can give special attention to them.


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